Nile Perch Girls’ Association

Nile Perch Girls’ Association


Career woman Shimura Eriko (Mizukawa Asami) works for a large general trading company on equal footing with the men. She is beautiful and highly educated. Her parents have a house in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward. Life seems to be going well for Eriko whose single greatest hang up is the fact that she does not have any female friends. Her secret pleasure is to read a popular journal written by a housewife influencer of the same age on social media. At one point, she happens to meet Maruo Shoko (Yamada Maho), the writer of the diary, who lives nearby. Shoko also has no female friends. The two of them who have this point in common, quickly become close. However, some incident causes their relationship to develop in an unexpected direction.

Other Name: ナイルパーチの女子会 (Nile Perch no Joshikai)

Released: Jan. 30, 2021





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